Thursday, January 03, 2013

well that escalated quickly.

My friend Rob put my Freezer Friday drawings on Reddit / Imgur. And it made front page, top post: (for a little while)


There were requests for the polar bear tshirts. helped me make this available:

Use coupon code FREESHIP for freeshipping! (only in the US)

there are some other items here:

And the interviewed me about it too:

holy crap.


Quiltilicious said...

it's making the rounds of facebook via Failblog (of all places!) via 9gag WITHOUT ATTRIBUTION.

one of my friends linked my reblog of the reblogged failblog to your site and now you have a new fan :D

charlie layton said...

Thanks Quiltilicious, I visited your site and I am impressed! I will keep your etsy shop in mind for the next time I need a unique gift!